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Is juicing really beneficial?

Asked by Margaret-ann Griffin 5 years ago juicing

Justin Senkbeil
Want a great tasting and efficient meal full of micronutrients? Try making green smoothies. It is possible to get an entire days worth of fruits and veggies in one smoothies.

Start simple: Any leafy green (Kale, Spinach, Broccoli Leaves) + Water (or coconut milk) + Banana (frozen) + Strawberries (frozen) + and array of "additives"

Add different fats and proteins, like coconut milk and nuts, to make it a full meal.

You can use this "cronometer" to experiment with calories, sugar levels, protein, etc.

Here is a good post on Green Smoothies:

Sorry to not directly answer your question.

by Justin Senkbeil 5 years ago

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Is juicing really beneficial?

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